Why and what…

A few pointers about why as-a-Service, why IT visibility and what organizations are saying.

Why Visibility- and Troubleshooting-as-a-Service

  • Cost effective: no upfront investments in hardware, software and training
  • Scalable: up to a few thousand users across numerous applications and sites
  • Efficient: turnkey delivery for DevOps and ITOM teams
  • Short turnaround: typically first results are within 2 working days
  • Tangible: actionable and substantiated area’s of improvements

Why working with IT visibility

  • Predictable: an industrialized, structured approach
  • Quick (really!): no “quick”-scans with ext(p)ensive advisory type of reports
  • Passionate: application and network visibility annex troubleshooting is a way of life 🙂
  • Double-loop learning: continuous learning about new technologies and processes
  • Cellular type of organization: stay aligned with changing markets

What organizations are saying

IT manager: “I never knew that a network has this much information about applications and users.”

Software architect: “Remarkable insights into web- and database transactions as they are going through the network.”

IT manager: “Every organization should have the benefits of such detailed, substantiated and tangible troubleshooting results.”

Operations manager: “You guys where really able to end lengthy discussions by providing to the point and substantiated answers.”

Application owner: “Finally real business insights about the way users are working with our applications.”