IT visibility: ZeroRisk IT and applications; for optimum resilience, availability and performance!

Having serious doubts about the resilience of your user accounts, applications and their data?

A never ending “Waiting for…” and “Transferring data…” in the status bar of your browser? 

Struggling with keeping your GRC (i.e. GDPR, ISO27001, etc) up-to-date?

IT visibility: end-to-end ZeroRisk IT with ITV360 / ITV-360Contact us and learn how we help with ITV360!

Application and network visibility services

Having challenges with your Digital Transformation & Innovation?

Are your data center and cloud migrations taking more time then expected?

Visibility-as-a-Service is an easy way of identifying prime suspects and its dependencies when your applications and networks are not behaving as expected:

  • Analyse the user experience as it evolves over time.
  • Assuring that the integrity of applications and its data is not compromised.
  • Track the underlying application dependencies; including application code and network!

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ITV360 is a holistic, affordable approach combining GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance), digital resilience and optimum performance.

While the approach scales to thousands-and-thousands of endpoints, it is designed and developed with small(er) organizations in mind: delivery starts with one endpoint!

Because research shows that  these organizations are really struggling due to:

  • the high level of business process automation and underlying digitization.
  • the safety requirements due to GDPR or ISO27001.

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Visibility on the performance and integrity of applications and hybrid network can be a real challenge with multiple technology partners and different cloud providers:

  • What applications are consuming the available bandwidth?
  • Where are the (malicious?) users coming from?
  • Is there any malware/ransomware involved?
  • What sites and users are suffering? With which applications?

With our all inclusive health check we are able to answer these questions quickly!

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Application and network visibility solutions

Network level visibility on the performance of applications, networks and cloud services assures the shortest problem resolution time.

Because whatever their behavior is, the network will reveal the prime suspects and the root-cause.

With this level of visibility, ITOM and DevOps teams can make a jumpstart in fixing things for any kind of problem.

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End-to-end resilience and integrity requires a ZeroRisk policy for the complete application and IT-infrastructure. Because a real hacker will try from different angles. This may include a DDoS type of smokescreen as a way of diverting your attention.

For maximum results, any ZeroRisk policy should work location- and device independent.

A modular approach is also more then helpful. This allows a phased deployment and preserves any investments you and your organization already made.

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In May 2018 the GDPR regulation was put into action. Organizations – big and small – made significant investments in legal staff to be compliant.

After a few weeks (months?) they where done and left; leaving the organization on their own when it comes to the next step:

  • Where to go from here?
  • How do we assure that all those documents are kept up to date?
  • What do we need to for the next audit?

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3 important pre-requisites for a free, educational trial

… when the coffee machines need
more refills than usual …

… when your networks and applications
not behaving as expected …

… when you have concerns about the integrity
of your data, applications and network packets …

The team behind the scene

Bernard Komdeur

… coming soon …


Ties Voskamp

Ties is an experienced IT and Security consultant who has a strong interest in troubleshooting and getting complex things fixed in a pragmatic way.

His ability to speak “plain human” as well as “geek” makes Ties the perfect translator for all parties involved.

This results in mutual understanding, well informed decisions and structural improvements in both business processes and the IT-infrastructure.


Will Moonen

Will is an experienced, result driven consultant with a proven track record in improving the performance of IT processes, applications and infrastructures while keeping an open mind for human aspects.

His passion is helping DevOps and ITOM teams improving their problem analysis skills and knowledge in different areas:

  • Application and data integrity.
  • Auto discovery of application chains, infrastructure and their topologies.
  • Real User Experience of application behavior.
  • End-to-End application and network performance.


Why and what…

A few pointers about why as-a-Service, why IT visibility and what organizations are saying.

Why Visibility- and Troubleshooting-as-a-Service

  •  Cost effective: no upfront investments in hardware, software and training
  •  Scalable: up to a few thousand users across numerous applications and sites
  •  Efficient: turnkey delivery for DevOps and ITOM teams
  •  Short turnaround: typically first results are within 2 working days
  •  Tangible: actionable and substantiated area’s of improvements

Why working with IT visibility

  •  Predictable: an industrialized, structured approach
  •  Quick (really!): no “quick”-scans with ext(p)ensive advisory type of reports
  •  Passionate: application and network visibility annex troubleshooting is a way of life 🙂
  •  Double-loop learning: continuous learning about new technologies and processes
  •  Cellular type of organization: stay aligned with changing markets

What organizations are saying

IT manager: “I never knew that a network has this much information about applications and users.”

Software architect: “Remarkable insights into web- and database transactions as they are going through the network.”

IT manager: “Every organization should have the benefits of such detailed, substantiated and tangible troubleshooting results.”

Operations manager: “You guys where really able to end lengthy discussions by providing to the point and substantiated answers.”

Application owner: “Finally real business insights about the way users are working with our applications.”