Application Monitoring Solutions

End-to-end application and cloud performance monitoring assures the shortest problem resolution time. Because whatever the performance improvements are, the network will reveal the real effect; including the prime suspects if it is not working as expected.

With this type of Wire Data, IT-OPS and DevOps teams can really make a jumpstart in fixing delays users are experiencing.

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End-to-end visibility on the behavior of applications, cloud services and hybrid networks is more than welcome for the next level of application and data integrity.

Combined with machine learning and automated forensic analysis to relevant threats in application code and network packets helps security teams making significant improvements in incident response times as well as improving application and data integrity.

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One of the key elements in a successful digital transformation is the end-to-end performance of your hybrid webapps and underlying SD-WAN. The way to get there is production readiness testing that includes WAN simulation.

This is because the teams in your business units expect the same user experience for all sites; regardles the speed and type of network connection.

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Application Visibility Services

Data center and cloud migrations require a significant amount of preparation; a few examples:

  • Where are the users coming from and what is their current experience?
  • What are the application (code and IT infrastructure!) dependencies?
  • What are the network volumes for both the LAN and the WAN?

End-to-end visibility and an easy way of identifying prime suspects and its dependencies are key elements for a smooth transition!

Moreover, combining this with before/after analysis also assures that the transition stays within budget and timelines.

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Visibility on the performance and integrity of applications and hybrid infrastructure can be a real challenge with multiple technology partners and different cloud providers:

  • What applications are consuming the available bandwidth?
  • Where are the users coming from?
  • How is the network handling all this traffic?
  • What sites/users are suffering and with which applications?
  • Is there any application or network behavior that is a strong indicator for malicious code or packets?

With our health-check we are able to answer these questions quickly!

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In general, trainings cover the capabilities of a specific solution. However learning how to read the outcome and translate that into improvements is rarely covered:

  • How to identify application and network issues?
  • How to analyze these issues?
  • How to determine the (potential) root cause?
  • What could help to improve things?

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The installation and configuration of an NPM/APM solution can be quick and easy, as you know what to look for.

Based on our extensive experience, regions and IP subnets can actually be an excellent way for a jump start in the things you are trying to achieve!

Let us know what you are looking for and we will outline our approach as we speak!

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Benefit from our best practices and get your team up to speed faster!

When we make a difference

… when the coffee machines need
more refills than usual …

… when your applications are
not behaving as expected …

… when you have concerns about
vulnerabilities and the integrity of your data …

The team behind the scene

Ties Voskamp

Ties is an experienced IT and Security consultant who has a strong interest in troubleshooting and getting complex things fixed in a pragmatic way.

His ability to speak “plain human” as well as “geek” makes Ties the perfect translator for all parties involved.

This results in mutual understanding, well informed decisions and structural improvements in both business processes and the IT-infrastructure.


Will Moonen

Will is an experienced, result driven consultant with a proven track record in improving the performance of IT processes, applications and infrastructures while keeping an open mind for human aspects.

His passion is helping DevOps and IT-Ops teams improving their problem analysis skills and knowledge in different areas:

  • Application and data integrity.
  • Auto discovery of application chains, infrastructure and their topologies.
  • Real User Experience of application behavior.
  • End-to-End application and network performance.


Arthur Luimes

Arthur is a principal performance consultant with more than twenty years experience in grasping and solving complex performance and stability issues; both technical and organizational in nature.

Along the way he trained numerous IT professionals and senior management teams for increasing awareness on the business riscs when having performance issues and outages of their business applications.

Holding a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, Arthur developed the performance maturity assessment; providing a baseline of the performance readiness of people, processes and tools.


Our partners in network and application visibility


Based in Canada, Accedian provides end-to-end visibility across network services and application chains.

The portfolio of Accedian empowers service providers and enterprises to make most efficient use of digital assets.

ManageEngine prioritizes flexible and affordable solutions that work for all businesses, regardless size or budget.

Their IT management software is all about making your job easier with affordable products and solutions.

Performance in the digital age is about delivering secure, high performing applications that connect people and business.

The Riverbed Digital Performance Platform helps transform the way customers run their powerful network- and cloud-based applications.

From the early beginning Cubro focused on making products as simple, reliable, flexible and cost efficient as possible.

Today, the company is one of the leading vendors of taps and Network Packet Brokers.

We only select partners who align with your and our strategy!