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A quick and easy path to optimum cyber security, availability and compliance

Especially small(er) organizations are struggling with the ever-increasing demands on their IT and applications. This is because of the “anywhere, anytime, anyplace” type of requirements when working remote/from-home.

Part of these requirements are cyber-security and privacy related due to different legal regulations.

ITV360 solves this with ZeroRisk easy-to-use Workspace Management modules:

  1. Office productivity
    • Microsoft365
    • Google Workspace
  2. Secure and controlled
    • Access to applications and systems
    • Use of company data
    • Assure application and data integrity
  3. Business continuity
    • Minimize operational risk
    • Governance & compliance
    • Disaster recovery (IT & organization)
  4. IT support & maintenance
    • keep it run like clockwork”

All these ITV360 modules come with easy-to-use, flexible subscriptions; varying from a guided DIY (i.e. Do IT Youself) to a full managed service.   😀 

The ITV360 Essentials contains everything you need to get your business started; including essential security measures and pre-production tests of patches and updates:

  • Google Workspace and/or Microsoft365
  • Secure endpoints, internet and telephony; including updates and patches
  • Essential malware and ransomware protection
  • Secure company DNS-domain(s), certificates and websites/webapplications
  • 2-Factor Authentication and password management

ITV360 Standard contains several enhancements that are running on top of ITV360 Essentials. It gives you very granular visibility and control as to how your systems, applications and data are used:

  • Integrated authentication between Windows 10, Google Workspace and Microsft365
  • Single Sign On and extended Multi Factor Authentication
  • DNS/web-filtering
  • Advanced AI/ML driven applications and IT-infra security; including syslog/SIEM
  • Endpoint performance and availability management; including underlying network devices

Maximize Business Continuity by minimizing risks in your day-to-day business operations with the optional ITV360 ZeroRisk modules:

  • Real user experience monitoring and management
  • Tailored pre-production setup for testing new application releases
  • Backup & (disaster) recovery; including off-site for data-at-rest
  • Disaster recovery test & maintenance
  • ISO27001 ISMS & compliance

The ITV360 Workspace Management PortalThe ITV360 Workspace Management Portal

Make IT healthy, safe and easy with our best-practices and cost-effective ITV360 modules.

ITV360: best-practices and cost-effective

A schematical overview of the ITV360 modules and supported technologies.

ITV360: for an end-to-end ZeroRisk workplace

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