The shortest path to improved problem resolution times

Visibility-as-aService (aka VaaS) is designed for ITops and DevOps teams looking for fast troubleshooting while transitioning from re-active to pro-active without significant investments in time and money. This includes Troubleshooting-as-a-Service with the shortest possible problem resolution times based on quick and substantiated answers to questions like:

  • What applications are consuming the bandwidth of my network and storage?
  • What are the actual(!) relationships between your applications, networks, systems and storage/data paths
  • How healthy are these relationships and what is their performance?
  • If the application performance is not as expected, what is causing the delays?
  • Which users, user devices, services and network annex storage paths are affected?

No upfront investments and long lead times

The enabler behind Visibility-as-a-Service is a subscription based NPM, APM and SIEM type of visibility solution which includes Application, TCP session data and Storage Analytics.

These type of solutions are experienced as complex, expensive and time consuming to get started. This is because of the different types of data, the interpretation of this data and the organizational aspects for embedding this in your ITops and DevOps processes.

Visibility- and Troubleshooting-as-a-ServiceHowever, with the Visibility-as-a-Service part of ITV360 we minimize this complexity to the bare minimum. The Plan-Do-Act cycle assures significant collaboration and change-control improvements. This is because questions are answered quickly and to the point when end-to-end monitoring is combined with the right level of expertise.

Actively contributing to your goals

The 5 area’s of which we make a real difference in achieving your goals are:

  • Inventory of your applications, their real users and their bandwidth annex storage consumption.
  • Fix network and application issues before and after migrations:
    • from traditional to hybrid networks
    • storage and datacenter consolidations
    • applications to IaaS (Infra-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  • Right-size your existing and new (SD-)WAN and storage environment.
  • Improved collaboration between the different DevOps and ITOM teams.
  • Quick and smooth deployments of new applications.

The size of your application environment and the lead time of your programs and projects are considered the most important requirements when designing a scalable solution and the lead time of the subscription.

The next step

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Additional information is available here (English) and here (Nederlands).


How Citrix and the SAP front-end is behaving and …


… how this translates to business performance based on the underlying business transactions!


Application breakdown by API calls

How Citrix and the SAP front-end is behaving and …

… how this translates to business performance based on the underlying business transactions!

Application breakdown by API calls


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    360 degrees and granular

    • Every user session, every application transaction and every network annex storage path
    • 24×7, near real-time visibility on business activities and application transactions
    • 100% of the application transactions and network traffic is analyzed; going from OSI layer 2 to application transactions
    • All details about performance and error conditions are stored for at least one week
    • End-to-end, multi-segment analysis without a packet analyzer

    Scope of transaction analysis

    • Web applications (HTTP | HTTPS)
    • Native apps ( iOS and Android )
    • Web API calls
    • dot-Net, Java, Ruby-on-rails, PHP and Node.js
    • Databases (all industry standard SQL flavours)
    • Domain Name Services (DNS)
    • File and print sharing (aka SMB/Samba)
    • VoIP
    • Microsoft Services (RPC)
    • Citrix (NetScaler & XenApp)

    Flexible and affordable

    • Delivered by experienced, certified performance engineers who …
    • … have a passion for application chains, application code and network packets
    • Available when needed; remotely as well as on-site
    • Financially attractive: flexible subscriptions and minimal upfront investments
    • Significant savings because costly, time consuming war-room type of problem analysis are prevented