Training and adoption

End-to-end monitoring of applications and its underlying infrastructure is all about supporting the ITOM and DevOps teams in shortening problem resolution times, improved execution and outcome of changes and exceeding SLO’s (Service Level Objectives). Our training and adoption services is designed to get your teams operational as quickly as possible.

Best practices

A jump start can be made by using our best practice. These best practices includes a set of predefined dashboards and reports and a PDF guiding you with the interpretation. Use this form to get your copy (link may open in new window).

Based on our years of experience and best practices we have developed a 5-step training and adoption program to achieve these results as quickly as possible:

  1. Scope and expected results of the designated approach
  2. Understanding the user interface and the available data
  3. The data collection and initial analysis
  4. Deep dives and recommendations for improvements
  5. Present the findings and determine next steps

These 5 steps allows ITOM and DevOps teams to maximize the return on any investment in either a monitoring solution or a monitoring service (i.e. Visibility-as-a-Service).

During these 5 steps the following topics are covered:

  • Get the attendees on some common ground by explaining the terminology. This improves cooperation across the teams.
  • Explain to what extent and how the ITOM and DevOps teams and their processes are affected.
  • Explain the methodology (including hands-on exercises) in identifying and analyzing issues with your applications and infrastructure.
  • Ways to manage the expectations of the business on the potential outcome. The goal is a buy-in from the business on the things you are trying to accomplish.
  • How step 3-5 supports the ITSM process known as Continuous Improvement and the more generic Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Over time this will decrease the amount of issues and problematic changes.


training and adoption cycle

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