Production readiness testing

Identifying hybrid application and infrastructure limits

With today’s short Agile/SCRUM application development cycles, more often then not there isn't enough time to perform production readiness tests on the latest-and-greatest version of your hybrid webapps; let alone when combined with the latest updates of your SD-WAN platform.

There can be various reasons like missing the right tools, the right resources, the right skills or perhaps even a combination of those.

This is where our (on-prem and cloud!) production readiness testing solutions and services are of real help; especially when combined with WAN simulations. Because the right tools (optionally including hardware), the right resources and the right skills are all included.

This allows your DevOps and IT-ops team to do a complete and detailed analysis of one or more application chains.

Performance Engineering Center

Based on this combo you can take a jump start on building your own Performance Engineering Center staffed with people from your existing DevOps and IT-ops teams. Alternatively we make it a joined effort or run it on your behalf.

However, if a Performance Engineering Center is a bridge to far, consider our all-inclusive services approach.

Either way, we support your DevOps and IT-Ops teams with:

  • Validate the performance limits against your pre-defined, non-functional requirements.
  • Determine the breaking point of the application and/or its underlying platform.
  • Determine the breaking point of the application components; for example the REST API of AWS or the database queries from a server running in Azure.
  • Benchmark the performance of your webapps against different type of network connections like for example 5G, 4G/LTE and 20 Mbps MPLS.
  • Includes hard- and software related problem analysis (i.e. client, network, server and application code).

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