ZeroTrust ITV360: the 4 pillars of a ZeroRisk workspace

For optimum cyber safety, availability and compliance

Especially small(er) organizations are struggling with the ever-increasing demands on their IT and applications. This is because of the “anywhere, anytime, anyplace” type of requirements. Part of these requirements is cyber-safety and privacy related due to different legal regulations.

With our 4 pillar modular approach we will guide you in your ZeroTrust journey:

  1. End user
    • Strong passwords
    • Two/multi factor authentication
    • Context: device and location
  2. Applications
    • Least privilige access where possible
    • Assure integrity & safety
  3. Data
    • Least privilige access
    • Limited data set where possible
    • Assure integrity & safety
  4. IT infrastructure
    • keep it run like clockwork”
    • Access based on predefined context
    • End-to-end surveillance
      • Scanning of actions and content
      • Re-enforce context and identity
      • Signalling and reporting

The 5 technologies for our ZeroTrust best practices.

These best-practices include re-using existing resources where possible!

ITV360: for an end-to-end ZeroRisk workplace

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