Are your data center and cloud migrations taking more time then expected?

Is the application and network latency of your SD-WAN still not what it should be?

Visibility-as-a-Service is a quick and easy way to fix and prevent IT and applications not behaving as expected:

  • Analyse the user experience as it evolves over time.
  • Make sure that applications and their data are not compromised.
  • Track the underlying dependencies.

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In May 2018 the GDPR regulation was put into action. Organizations made significant investments in systems and documents to assure compliance.

But the world has changed significantly since then, especially when it comes to privacy:

  • What are our operational challenges as a company?
  • What about Cyber security? Is everything save?
  • And what about ISO27001 / NEN7510 certifications? Do we really need this?

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A regular health check and health monitoring is pretty common in our personal lifes. Why not do the same for your Business Continuity:

  • The success ratio of the installation of patches and updates to fix any vulnerabilities.
  • Save access and usage of your applications and data to prevent data leaks.
  • Secure Internet, telephony, e-mail and company website.
  • Backups and (disaster) recovery, for example in case of ransomware.
  • The contracts with your suppliers, IT or otherwise.

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