Application health check: the proof is in the numbers

Quick-and-easy troubleshooting with a TCP number cruncher

Quite some network and TCP-connection troubleshooters as well as NPM (Network Performance Monitoring) tool vendors consider it mandatory to have all the packets when doing their magic. While [...]

case study: diagnosing Citrix/SAP connections

How troublesome behavior of a single network zone impacts an application chain

To assure compliance and full support, companies upgrade their Citrix/SAP instances on a regular basis. More often than not, users are complaining about the Citrix connections being slow compared [...]

case study: diagnosing the Dutch Daisylezer application

How half-duplex sessions started by an App impacts the user experience

Dedicon is a Dutch foundation who specializes in making (school)books, papers, magazines, sheet music and other information available to people with a reading restriction. Examples of such [...]