Governance, Risks and Compliance

How to automate controls, data collection and audits

Typically, any type of GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance – i.e. GDPR, ISO27001, etc) approach covers the following topics:

  • Internal organization structure and business processes.
  • Change- and innovation programs.
  • Cooperation with customers and suppliers.

However, the content of these topics varies slightly; depending on the changes in the rulings and type of compliance. This is where we help with an automated follow-up that includes re-using existing documents where possible:

  • Minimizing the need for legal and other type of GRC-specialists by re-using existing Word- and Excel-documents.
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly adjustments of existing Word- and Excel files is not needed.
  • Auditing efforts are reduced with at least 50% by combining similar controls. For example combining GDPR and ISO27001 controls.
  • Automated checks; including risk and impact analysis. For example the outcome of an awareness assessment among the people in your organization.

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