How to improve application and data integrity

Monitoring application and data integrity starts with the end-user

Improving application and data integrity are high on the priority-list of every organization. Most organizations already made significant investments in incident response processes and accompanied monitoring systems:

  • Application Delivery Controllers assuring that only trusted user requests are processed.
  • Assure any given user has his or her unique digital identity; the foundation for Single-Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Event-based SIEM systems tracking security related content of log files.
  • Intrusion Detection System (i.e. an IDS) to detect suspicious behavior of application traffic once beyond the firewall.
  • Intrusion Prevention System (i.e. an IPS) to detect and (optionally) clean-up suspicious application traffic once beyond the firewall and before it is forwarded to its final destination.

But what about the user behavior across all those applications and IT infrastructure layers? How do know which user is doing what, where and when? And with what result?

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Assess and protect applications, IT infrastructure and its data

Contrast Assess runs in parallel of performance testing while assessing the application code for vulnerabilities. If detected, development teams are alerted instantly so they can fix code without disrupting software development (i.e. delaying the release schedule).

Contrast Protect identifies and blocks attacks based on (but not limited to!) command injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), hard-coded passwords, insecure encryption algorithms and NoSQL/SQL injection.

Validate the end-node protection level

Once the forensic analyses confirm a potential security breach it is time to double-check the software versions on the end-nodes. This includes anti-virus, firewall, the OS and application.

This is where Aternity kicks-in. It allows you to do a quick cross-check on the software versions as actually running on the end-nodes and how they are connected to the network.

In addition, if not as expected it can create ticket(s) to support the ITOM organization with updating all relevant end-nodes and software in a timely manner.

Business process and application monitoring

How this helps you and your organization

By automating data collection and speeding up analysis, you and your organization are far better positioned for meeting the compliance ruling of reporting a security breach within 2 days. Even better: you can already start with corrective actions well within these 2 days!

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