End-to-end production readiness testing as-a-Service

Make your hybrid webapps and SD-WAN behave predictable

Organizations are rapidly deploying webapps in a hybrid way. Meaning combining different technologies and platforms; like for example combining Azure, Office365, Salesforce and Citrix/SAP.

At the same time, traditional, MPLS based wide area networks are replaced with a state-of-the-art SD-WAN.

Both transitions have similar goals: increase application and data integrity while improving flexibility; both are key elements for a successful digital transformation.

But how do you know that these hybrid webapps and SD-WAN connections are behaving as expected? Ideally before a go-life with either one of them?

On-prem and cloud production readiness testing services

This is where our (on-prem and cloud!) production readiness testing services are of real help! Because our services include all the right tools (hard- and software!), the right resources and the right skills for a complete and detailed analysis of the application chain:

  • Granular: combine stress-testing and WAN simulation on any web application to validate the behavior across all sites before a go-life.
  • Efficient: detailed analysis of network packets, application code and rendered web pages; all in one go.
  • Cost effective: run tests and analysis for several web applications across different sites; again, all in one go.

Typically, IT-Ops and DevOps teams experience our services as welcome and complementary:

  • Validate the performance limits against their pre-defined, non-functional requirements.
  • Determine the breaking point of the web applications and its underlying server platform (if applicable).
  • Determine the breaking point of the different application components; for example the REST API of the AWS web services or the database queries from an Azure SQL instance.
  • Benchmark the performance against different type of network connections like for example 5G, 4G (aka LTE) and 20 Mbps MPLS.
  • Combine network, OS- and code-level problem analysis.

Once completed, consider adding end-to-end application performance monitoring for a smooth change process related to new versions of your webapps and dito SD-WAN releases!

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Test results of API calls

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