Optimum availability and performance

How end-to-end application and network monitoring helps

For a large part, user satisfaction of cloud services and business applications depends on their overall, end-to-end performance and availability. This includes assuring the shortest problem resolution time if things are not behaving as expected.

In Gartner Magic Quadrant terms this is covered in Netwerk Performance Monitoring (NPM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

However, end-to-end performance monitoring in today’s hybrid infrastructure and applications can be very challenging (see image below; going from left to right):

  •  Different end-user devices, each with their own software clients like browsers or native apps
  •  Different networks (including storage!), each with their own characteristics
  •  Applications and cloud services managed by different parties
  •  Multi-tier applications with 2 or more storage networks and dito number of security zones/segments

The network is your primary big data source

Since the network is the linking pin for all business applications and their content, TCP session data based on network packets gives ITops and DevOps organizations the shortest resolution times when applications are not behaving as expected.

This is because network packets are always telling the absolute truth when it comes to providing reliable answers: is it the end-user device, the network, the server or the application. And if a combination of those, to what extend each.

However, finding the right packets for answering these questions often feels as searching for a needle in the haystack because even a single gigabit connection is able to generate 100 Mbytes of packet-data… each second!

Similar to the layers for one or more application components: once it is clear which components are contributing to the delays, it is time to figure out the root-cause and its dependencies (i.e. the problematic application modules and code).

Since a modern web application contains hundreds-and-hundreds lines of code across multiple tiers, it is really challenging figuring out which modules contain the problematic parts of the code.

Going from re-active to pro-active

That’s where IT visibility helps you and your organization by collecting, modeling and visualizing the Application and TCP session data that support your teams transitioning to a pro-active mode-of-operation!

In addition, your ITOM and DevOps teams will have their questions answered quickly which results in the shortest problem resolution time assuming all teams have access to all reports and dashboards.

Our solution deployment and delivery models are very flexible and include distributed architectures:

Where needed and relevant, the underlying hardware can be included.

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Diagnosing cloud applications/services

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