Why …


… an Application Health Check and Visibility-as-a-Service

  •  Cost effective: no upfront investments in tools and training
  •  Salable approach: size S – size M – size L
  •  Very effective and efficient: turnkey delivery for DevOps and IT-Ops
  •  Quick results: typically within 2 working days
  •  Actionable and substantiated area’s of improvements

… IT visibility

  •  Quick and predictable results because of our industrialized, planned approach
  •  No “quick”-scans, time consuming studies and similar advisory type of reports
  •  Experienced consultants and performance engineers
  •  Assuring and improving knowledge by “double-loop learning
  •  Assuring continuity and speed because of a cellular type of organization

What customers have to say…

CIO: “I never knew that a network contains this much information about an applications and its users.”

Architect: “Remarkable insight into web- and database transactions as they are going through the network.”