Application and network visibility solutions

Network level visibility on the performance of applications, networks and cloud services assures the shortest problem resolution time.

Because whatever their behavior is, the network will reveal the prime suspects and the root-cause.

With this level of visibility, ITOM and DevOps teams can make a jumpstart in fixing things for any kind of problem.

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Visibility on the behavior of applications and cloud services at runtime is more than welcome for the next level of application and data integrity; ideally including the underlying code and data.

Combined with machine learning and automated forensic analysis to relevant threats in application code and network packets helps security teams making significant improvements in incident response times as well as improving application and data integrity.

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Organizations are deploying web applications in a hybrid way combining different technologies and cloud services. At the same time, traditional MPLS based wide area networks are combined with a state-of-the-art SD-WAN.

But how do you know if these web applications and SD-WAN connections are behaving as expected? Ideally before a go-life with either one of them?

This is where our cost-effective production readiness testing solutions are experienced as most valuable!

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