Application and network visibility services

Having challenges with your Digital Transformation?

Are your data center and cloud migrations taking more time then expected?

Visibility-as-a-Service is an easy way of identifying prime suspects and its dependencies when your applications and networks are not behaving as expected:

  • Track the user experience as it evolves over time.
  • Track the underlying application dependencies; including application code and network!
  • Track the behavior of your network (LAN and SD-WAN) as it evolves over time.

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Visibility on the performance and integrity of applications and hybrid network can be a real challenge with multiple technology partners and different cloud providers:

  • What applications are consuming the available bandwidth?
  • Where are the users coming from?
  • How is the network handling all this traffic?
  • What sites/users are suffering and with which applications?
  • Is there any application or network behavior that is a strong indicator for malicious code or packets?

With our health check we are able to answer these questions quickly!

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More often then not, organizations are running 2 or more projects/programs where legacy applications and networks are modernized.

With all these projects/programs running in parallel it is not always possible to do all the necessary load and stress tests for each release of your web applications and SD-WAN platform.

There can be various reasons: missing the right tools, the right resources, the right skills or a combination of those.

This is where our load and stress testing as-a-Service is experienced as most helpful.

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